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How are you? I Hope your doing great!

Well you landed here at, that means your know me personally or your a kind of person who is passionate to know more about digital Marketing and technology Industry.

Let me introduce my self through a short professional overview so you will have an idea about to whom you connected or where you landed.

I am a 360 Degree Digital Marketing Specialist Based In Mumbai, Maharashtra India, And Also Have Worked In Dubai,UAE For Term Of 2.5 Years.

Since August 2011 And It’s Been 9 Years I am Actively Working In Digital Marketing Industry where I have managed agency clients projects and Helping Companies as a In-House Digital Marketer.

If you ask me like ‘Who is Shivanand? or you want to me to define my self in 5 senterence, then my answer would this,

  1. [360° Digital Marketing Specialist at Riveria Global Group of Companies, Dubai UAE By Profession]
  2. [A DigiPreneur, SEO, Online Marketing Trainer, Blogger & YouTuber By Passion]
  3. [Contributor at Institute of Digital Marketing, Mumbai India.]
  4. [A Responsible and Caring Family Man Who Loves his Family and Daughter]
  5. [Committed Professional to Deliver the Best Results.]

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